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Nyheter Posted on Tue, June 19, 2012 21:01:14

“For the paper-god and a world as thin, little man goes blind for the light within.”

/K. Linder

Formed in 1998 as a project of Sasrof and Dödskommendanten (Survival Unit/Alfarmania). As a duo they recorded the rehearsal/demo “The Firestorm” from which two tracks where re-edited and released as the “A Pestilence Long Forgotten” EP on Ketzer records in 2001. The band where put to rest until resurrected by Sasrof and Set Teitan (Aborym/Dissection) as they had been looking for a suitable platform for a co-operation and decided to keep the Bloodline moniker but to change the overall concept. Soon Nigris and Nattefrost (Carpathian Forest) was reqruited on bass and vocals also Nysrok (Aborym/Alien Vampires) was brought in for some session keyboard terrorism. During the autumn of 2002 the “New Sodom” promo was recorded with friend of the band Infaustus (Setherial/Diabolical/Raven Fears) as session vocalist which lead the band into the infamous Selbstmord Services rooster. In June 2003 they entered The Greencastle studio and recorded their debute album.
Dödskommendanten was tied up in other commitments but did provide the intro and title of the album: “Werewolf Training”.
Already the following fall work started on a second album named “The Axis of Chaos” and a couple of rehearsal tracks where written but the recordings lost momentum and the material was left unfinished in the vaults. In 2005 Set, Nysrok and Nattefrost left and the following year Wredhe (Shining/Ondskapt) joined the band as lead guitarist/vocalist.
In 2007 a for-labels-only promo entitled “Transmissions of Power” was recorded of which the band landed a deal with the german label Blut & Eisen. Shortly after Wrathyr (Naglfar/ Bewitched/Setherial) was brought in to split the vocal duties with Wredhe and recordings of the new album “Hate Procession” commenced. Due to unforseen problems the recordings was delayed for six months but was finished late winter 2009 and released the 10th of July the same year. In 2011 both Wherde and Wrathyr left in order to focus on life and Naglfar. A new lead guitar player and vocalist was found in Bone and Aronsson (My Own Grave) and with this more steady and close to home line-up the band started to perform their darkness live.

Current line up:
Nigris – Bass
Bone – Lead guitar
Dödskommendanten – Terrorelectronics/vocals
Aronsson – Vocals
Sasrof – Guitar and programing

Complete discografy:

The Firestorm (demo) – 1999
A Pestilence Long Forgotten (7ep) – 2001
New Sodom (promo) – 2002
Werewolf Training (fullenght) – 2003
The citadel of everlasting tyranny (ep) – 2007
Hate Procession (fullenght) – 2009


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IRM bokade.

Nyheter Posted on Tue, June 19, 2012 14:27:02

“Cathartic Post Industrial delving deep into the psyche – the core of
inner regions violently exposed. IRM is a physical theatre, the shell of
body and mind has cracked – offending encounter with the human mind.”

With more than ten years in the making IRM has established themselves as
an unique high profile act and released several albums on Cold Meat
Industry, Segerhuva, Annihilvs and recently Autarkeia.

IRM`s live performances have during the last years become vivid, organic
and audio-schmerzed manifestations of personal catharsis and
self-renunciation/salvation. Either if you like it or not; Indifference
is not an option here!

Khmer noir BOKADE.

Nyheter Posted on Tue, June 19, 2012 01:06:34

”Armed to the teeth with weapons of will, and an armor of hate, you move for the kill”