Worship the NULL and VOID!

We are extremist, religious fanatics, nietsczheianer, goetheianer, and the last Satanics.

We are a group of violent outlaws, psychopaths and crazy maniacs with wicked, deformed minds.
We are not afraid of DEATH, prisons, institutions, be taken in custody, the loss of blood, or KAOS.
This is spiritual terrorism and warfare against the cosmic order and the plauge: human race.
Our mission and goal not like punks or metal heads who wants to have a “good” time (drinking beer and fuck fat girls).
BAYMON are a product of our free wills, ill wills. And our goal is Nirvana – The Total Destruction to be one with KAOS.

People that sees our scars, thinks that we are depressed. We only cuts
our flesh, to destroy one of Gods creations, and if we die. Who cares?
The body is just a prison of flesh that you can violate to release your
inner bestial daemon. And death is only the stairway to the antimatter.
Our death will release our souls to obtain the transcendental darkness
of eternity.

Drugs are ONLY used to release our selves from
the shackles and mental barriers, and get the titanic Prometheus skills
so we can go on with our campaign of destruction.

And some last
words from the lord of this UNHOLY horde of BAYMON: I am Krishna, I am
Pan, I am Lucifer, I am Kalki, I am the coiling serpent… I am your

I am F E R N E R…

And we also salutes our brothers in arms: BLGE Combat Elite.